I remember telling a friend that I had called an ex-boyfriend to say hello.  He sounded happy to hear from me and I was happy to hear his voice.  His heart had to be racing; mine was as soon as we moved pass the initial, “Hi. This is PSM, did I catch you at a bad time?” The sound of his voice, his cadence, his phrasing was so familiar.  Years of emotions flashed through my mind, into my heart and across my face in a ridiculous smile.

My friend, after telling her about my phone escapade, said “So, you’re just hijacking people’s days, huh?” “Wait, what?” I replied. “I mean, he was just going along with his day and here you come sprinkling your little scent all over.”  ~PAUSE~ Okay!  Anyone who knows me knows I love a good perfume.  I have a few signature scents that I will mostly likely NEVER share with you. The idea of my scent lingering in the air, triggering his thoughts and intoxicating him, periodically for the rest of the day… Well, it made me pause for real. ~PLAY~

Seriously, this notion of “hijacking” one’s day speaks to the romantic in me. I love the thought of having someone to hijack my days. Like no matter what is going on, I know at least five plus times throughout the day, I will get lost in a thoughts that make my heart beat a little quicker, put an uncontrollable smile on my face and a deeper sway in my stride. Hijacking my day will cause me to zone out of a convo for a quick sec and get a yearning in the pit of my stomach that reminds me of what’s to come or what has already happened. Hijacking my day might just speak to the sexual creature in me that is always silently waiting to saunter out and get very personal and familiar with the person who has capture my mind…

And so yea… Here’s to hijacking and being hijacked!