Happy Valentine’s Day folks! I received a phone call at 7:30 this morning from a ‘man-friend’ who wanted to wish me a wonderful day and expressed that while Valentine’s Day is a day for ‘lovers’ to celebrate their love and we are not quite there YET, he is looking forward to the possibility of our Valentine’s Day next year; A day on which we just might celebrate our unequivocal love for one another. PAUSE ~ GOOD MORNING!!!!! PLAY~

On the drive to work I thought about how many of you just might be feeling down today because you don’t have a ‘Valentine’ or because you didn’t do anything this weekend to celebrate or because you don’t have plans to celebrate tonight or because you’re realizing that he/she is just not that into you or because he/she keeps coming up short or… you get my point. This day puts an unbelievable amount of stress on men and women. There are 365 days in a year and we have somehow convinced ourselves that Valentine’s Day determines where we stand in a person’s life or how important relationship status is in our own lives. My first blog ever on Essence.com was about Valentine’s Day 2010. I stated and I quote, “I mean if you have a man, you’re hoping he comes correct. If you’re dating, you’re hoping that he opts to ‘date’ you on V-day. And if you have NO prospects you’re convincing yourself that NOT having a date on V-day isn’t the end of the world. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of ‘relationships’ defining my status!” Hmm, still valid. The Aha moment in all of this… I had a ‘date’ last year on Valentine’s Day. I was over the moon with excitement because the “one I was dating opted to date me on V-day.” A full year later… I don’t even know where he is. I don’t care either. I actually saw him a while ago and congratulated him on his new baby! PAUSE ~ Of course he was grabbing my hand and trying to holla at me when I did it… Your girl still got it and he still wants it, but come on, seriously, when will he stop trying?! It’s been almost 3 months short of a year! I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOU! PLAY ~ Yep. I learned that some woman had a baby for him a few months after we stopped seeing each other. There I was all happy and exhaling last V-day because I had a date and that date evolved into nothing. It sevred a purpose at the time, but it was just a day. He’s not even a memorable time. You know how you meet some people in life who leave an impression and they genuinely mean something to you no matter where the relationship ends. But then you have those who are insignificant and they come up only to help prove a point in a story… a little like right now.

Yes, today is Valentine’s Day. It is a day for some to express their love and appreciate for the ones they love. And I totally understand that. When it happens with the right person, it is great! However, I refuse to allow one day define my love life. If the day is important to you, cool. Just don’t jump out the window if it doesn’t go as you hoped. IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS. On this Valentine’s Day, I celebrate my love of life, my friends and family and what is to come. It really is just another day…So you know what I did… I went to Saks and bought a pair of gorgeous shoes! Highlight… They were on sale!

Happy hearts, folks. Smile and stay up! Tomorrow is another day…

XO ~


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