One things for sure, I never lose hope. Never!  I love that about myself. I mean, even through the tears, I always see clearly the brightness of my future.  It’s so strong that it scares me sometimes.  My belief in myself and my future is powerful.  All my life I knew I would be successful.  I did not always know how or what, but I knew I would succeed at whatever I decided to do.  And with that same conviction, I know the love of my life is waiting for me. Excited about me and our future.  No, I don’t sit around dreaming of him everyday, but I do think about him from time to time. And sometimes when he’s on my mind I write…
Nice To Meet You…
Opened my eyes
Smiled for the future
Grateful for the present
Blessed in the past
I am thankful
I’ve loved with all my heart
Heartbroken with pain that left me unable to breathe
I’ve been in a place that allowed inhale, but attempts to exhale result in choking tears
Weakened in my security
Strengthened in my faith
God is the reason I am here today
Today, I opened my eyes and smiled for the love that will come again
And I’ll talk out loud to my baby
Don’t know where he is
But he hears me
Feels me
When I speak out with ease
And say…
I can’t wait to meet you
I can’t wait to make love to you
I want to take my time with you
Grow with you
Learn with you
Learn you
Suffocate each other with expression and emotion
And breathe love with you to balance it out
I can’t wait to love you
See you
Know you
Look at you
I wonder what your eyes look like
I want to understand your mind’s process
Let the inner me converse with your soul
I want to know you
I want to miss you
Come home and take my panties off at the door because I can’t wait to feel you
I want to hold you
Be with you
Laugh with you
Look at the family we created and smile
With you
I can’t wait to meet you
And TELL you that I love you
Because I already do
Head up and smiling…